Rules of Membership

  1. Members must carry their membership ID card, bailiffs will ask for ID card in the first instance endorsement for breaking club rules will be held on the member’s record, bailiffs will also check your EA licence as this is required to fish club waters. MAX OF 2 RODS ONLY TO BE USED
  2. Access to waters must only be obtained by the routes indicated.
  3. EA licence required on all waters, it is an offence to fish without the correct rod and line licence.
  4. Baited tackle must never be left unattended either in or out of the water or unattended tackle be left in any swim for more than 1 hour in a 24 hour period.
  5. Landing nets: Every member including guest members must be in possession of a suitable landing net of knotless construction, with a minimum size of 18” across and a 4ft handle and must be assembled before starting to fish. Must also have an appropriate unhooking mat

Except when members might reasonably expect to catch a fish in excess of 10lb must use a net which has a minimum of 36” diameter for circular nets. NO SHARING OF NETS IS PERMITTED. It would be expected for you to have a large net to land larger fish.

  1. Keep nets should be a type recommended for the species being fished for. The minimum permitted size is 2.5 metres length and 50cm diameter rings. Keep net bans can be enforced at any time on club waters.
  1. Gaffs are banned and the taking of fish by unfair means is strictly forbidden
  2. Night fishing is permitted on some waters. These are specified in the schedule of waters.
  3. Lights must not be shone on waters during hours of darkness, or in such a way to cause annoyance to other anglers.
  4. All fish must be returned alive to the water with no exceptions.
  5. Fishing is forbidden in the two hours prior to a competition being held on club water. Details of which are itemised in the fixture list.
  6. Specimen fish and catches should be reported to the fisheries manager within 7 days of capture, together with the name and address of a witness who must be a club member or a temporary member of the club, except in exceptional circumstances.
  7. Reports to the news or social media, including national and local newspaper, radio or television on matters concerning the club must be approved by club secretary before publication.
  8. The transfer of fish from one water to another is a criminal offence unless authorised by the appropriate authority
  9. Litter: Members are responsible for removing all litter in the vicinity of their swims including surplus bait.
  10. Offensive Weapons, sporting guns radios, musical instruments are not permitted. NO FIRES MAY BE LIT and any behaviour liable to cause offence to other members or bring the club into disrepute will not be tolerated. There must not be any interference with wildlife, tree’s shrubs fences or livestock.
  11. NO dogs other than that belonging to a bailiff is permitted (must be kept on a leash at all times) on any club waters owned or leased. Blind person’s guide dog is not included in this ban.
  12. Motorised vehicles are to be parked in the appropriate area shown on schedule of waters unless special permission to park elsewhere has been granted by the committee.
  13. Lost and Found: All items of tackle and personal belongings found on club waters to be handed in to an official of the club. Items lost should be reported to the Club secretary
  14. Competition days: Competitors take precedence over other anglers. All anglers, competitors must report to the steward before starting to fish.
  15. Guest membership is available in the form of a day guest ticket and must be obtained from .Fishing other waters: members must be conversant with the relative rules and licences applicable on these waters.
  17. Live baiting is prohibited on all club waters. Bait fish are not transferable to or from waters. Dead sea-fish and trout are permitted baits.
  18. All glass and cans, including disposable gas canisters are banned, vacuum flasks are permitted.
  19. When using dead baits or lures the wire trace must be a minimum of 18” must be used.
  20. NO species of carp shall be retained in keep nets or sacks. Except in an official match where carp can be retained in an approved carp material keep net and all other species be retained in a 2nd keep net.
  21. Specimen winners will receive a fishing voucher details on page 72
  22. Fishing tackle must include a suitable disgorger for the species expected to be caught.
  23. NO juvenile may fish nights unless accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult member fishing in the same swim or peg. Limited to a max of two juveniles per adult member and only 4 rods between them.
  24. Members must be responsible for there own welfare during all fishing sessions .All members with special requirements must make adequate arrangements to ensure there own safety is maintained.
  25. Members must keep all pathways clear of any obstruction at all times .
  26. EADAC follow the fishing rules as laid down by EA Licence subject to riparian owner’s permission, S.S.S.I restraint and guidelines of the RELIVENT AUTHORITY with the committee having the right to close waters when required.
  27. No fish must be contact with the ground, where the size of the fish is expected to be larger a suitable unhooking mat of a minimum size of 18”x 30” with padding must be used. All proprietary mats are considered suitable.
  28. All particle baits must be correctly prepared i.e. peanuts, tiger nuts etc.
  29. Matters not provided for: should anything arise which is not provided for in these rules, the same shall immediately be notified to the general committee who shall have full power to act in the matter.
  30. All waters can be closed for maintenance at the discretion of the committee.
  31. The use of bait boats is prohibited on all clubs waters owned or leased.
  32. Any fish over 8oz must be landed using a landing net, the only exception being when pike fishing and only experienced pike anglers may “hand or glove” this species but they must also be in possession of a landing net suitable for larger species when fishing.
  33. When pike fishing tackle must include a pair of forceps minimum of 12” long and a pair of side cutters capable of cutting hooks. Pike gags are banned.
  34. The consumption of any alcohol and or the use of illegal substances are banned on all waters owned or leased by Eastleigh and district angling club.
  35. No angler may stay in the same designated swim for more than 72 hours without moving to a different swim. ( except lakeside where there is a 48 hour rule no return within 5 days)
  36. Membership is none transferable.
  37. No hammering in of banks sticks or bivvie pegs, all pods and banks sticks must be within the swim and not in the outside edges of swims
  38. No riding of cycles around club waters (owned or leased)